The Virtual Assistant for dental practices
that answers, calls and chats
with your patients.

GAIA can schedule appointments by answering your office phone, calling and chatting with patients.

Manage the Patient Path of your Dental Clinic thanks to the help of Artificial Intelligence.

Your secretary will love it!

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  • Gaia - Segreteria virtuale studi dentistici


Gaia - Segreteria dentale dentisti

GAIA represents the revolutionary encounter between two distinctive realities: Ideandum, a leading company in Italy with over 10 years of experience in the dental sector, and EsoSphera, an Italian excellence specialized in artificial intelligence.

The union of Ideandum and EsoSphera in GAIA is more than just a collaboration. It is the perfect marriage between consolidated industry experience and cutting-edge innovation.

Welcome to GAIA, where experience meets artificial intelligence to create a bright future for the dentist-patient relationship.

  • Gaia - Segreteria digitale studi dentistici

what does Gaia do?

GAIA is the resource your practice needs, a multi-channel virtual care software that responds, calls and chats with your patients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, establishing effective communication, personalized and guided by the experience of Dental Professionals.

  • Organizes your calendar in a smart way
  • Answers, calls, chats, emails patients
  • Recovers lost contacts and dormant patients
  • Relieves the secretarial department in chaotic moments and absence
  • Monitors and assists the patient for appointments
  • Increases your sales opportunities


  • Gaia - Segreteria da remoto dentisti
  • Gaia - Segreteria da remoto dentisti


How many calls from potential patients are made outside working hours? How many are lost because the staff is too busy? Ideandum GAIA is the multi-channel virtual assistance software that, 24 hours a day, supports you in managing calls, collecting patient needs and essential data, and then transferring them to the team. Not only via phone, but also via today’s communication platforms like Whatsapp.


Have you ever heard of dormant patients? They have not been in the studio for some time, usually more than twelve months. Why does this happen? One of the main reasons is the difficulty of the study in keeping the prevention or dental cleaning checks monitored. With Ideandum GAIA it will be possible to improve the constancy and effectiveness of the calls of these patients, which can be a good source of revenue for the study.


Ideandum Gaia is able to represent for you an important differentiator compared to your competitors, an added value that the patient will see translated into a better customer experience. You can reach your patients and potential new patients at any time of year (even when your competitors are closed).


Ideandum GAIA is able to monitor, control and assist the patient in appointments based on the growth goals of the dental office.


Knowing how to manage all communication channels at the same time is strategic to offer a valuable customer experience to your patients. Thanks to the potential of Ideandum GAIA it is possible to manage each of these channels available to the patient with efficiency, consistency and punctuality.


The virtual assistant for the dentist office takes care of the management of the contacts at 360 s, integrating with your CRM or, in the absence of this, presenting you with an intuitive dashboard, customizable and efficient that will make the entire organizational structure functional.

GAIA interfaces with AlfaDocs
by fixing appointments directly in the calendar.

We are working to allow GAIA to integrate natively with all the major management on the market in the Dental Field.

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  • Gaia - Segreteria virtuale studi dentistici

Test Ideandum GAIA and
let yourself be guided by the voice of the experience


"Is it really the right solution for my dental practice?"

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  • Gaia - Segreteria digitale studi dentistici


  • Gaia - Segreteria da remoto dentisti
  • Gaia - Segreteria da remoto dentisti